How to fix error code 3260 in your Outlook mail on Mac?

The outlook error code 3260 which occurs on your Mac is mainly due to the incorrect POP settings in your mail in which you find difficulty in sending the emails or your emails are not sent to the recipient. But you are able to receive the emails from others. As every problem has a solution and this error can also be troubleshot by following some steps. But it is important to know the reason for any technical error so that you do not face the similar problem again in your email. But if you are not able to deal with the technical errors and you are still finding it difficult to troubleshoot then you should get in touch with the experts to get Outlook email support immediately otherwise follow the steps below to troubleshoot it manually.

Symptoms of the error

  • When you configure outlook to your Mac to connect with MSN and you receive this error.
  • The server gets timed out, again and again, resulting in an error.
  • You receive an error such as “Could not connect to server check your account settings or make sure you can connect to your network, error code 3260”.

Causes of the error

  • The POP settings of the email are incorrect.
  • Partial installation of the Outlook software.
  • Window registries related to the application are corrupted.
  • Some files of the application have been mistakenly deleted by you or the antivirus program.

Steps to solve error code 3260 in your Outlook mail on Mac

  1. Correctly configure your MSN account with Outlook.  
  2. To do so, launch the application and then go to “tools” and select your “MSN account”. 
  3. You have to type in the incoming server box and then change your “port to 995”.  
  4. And in the outgoing server box, type “” and change its port to 587.  
  5. After doing so, click on “more options” which will below the outgoing server box.  
  6. In the “more options” click on “authentication” from the list and you have to choose “use incoming server info”.  
  7. After this, you have to close the current window and then close all the applications which are running on your computer.
  8. Restart your computer now, and launch Outlook application and again try to send the emails.
  9. If you have any problem configuring the settings again then you can take Outlook technical support from the qualified experts.

For best solutions dial Outlook support number toll-free

If you are still not able to troubleshoot this issue and you are facing technical issues then call on to experts via Outlook support number toll-free for immediate solutions without any delay as we are available 24X7 for the service of the users and we will provide the easiest steps to solve your problem as our expert are user-friendly and we also provide remote services to our non-techie users.

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